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7th/8th Grade Reading, Writing and Science- Ms. Kruger » 7th/8th Grade Reading, Writing, and Science Home Page (Ms. Kruger)

7th/8th Grade Reading, Writing, and Science Home Page (Ms. Kruger)

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Homework Expectations
Students have guided reading homework almost every night (sometimes they have a Greek and Latin root vocabulary packet instead). Every night they read and complete one page of guided reading "post-its." Click here to see the homework page. 
Students have time to work on their Summit PLP (personalized learning plan) at school, but they can also study at home. Click here to see PLP resources, assignments, and grades.
Here is Ms. Kruger's new favorite resource! We are working really hard on being efficient and studying in ways that work. Check out the Learning Scientists for strategies to use for studying (student PLT notes have students use these strategies).
Study Strategies!
Here are a few videos about how to study efficiently and effectively.
PLP (Summit) Notes That Are Efficient and Effective!
Retrieval Practice with Note Cards
NWEA/PARCC Practice 
coming soon!
Apps/Websites to Practice at Home
Additional Resources