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Acero - Esmeralda Santiago

3rd & 4th Team » 3rd and 4th Grade

3rd and 4th Grade

  Our 2021-2022 Teaching Philosophy

Our goal is to help students become independent thinkers and problem solvers.  We have implemented strong routines and procedures in our classrooms in order to create a safe and structured environment for learning.  Our classrooms have calm spaces equipped with sensory tools to help students regulate their emotions.  Our team collaborates daily to  differentiate instruction so that each student reaches their highest academic potential.

In 3rd and 4th  grade we believe in:

  1. SEL strategies -- showing the C sign to check in, choose a calm corner tool or break to self regulate.
  2. Reflection Sheets -- stop and pause and think through our actions. 
  3. Feeling safe and comfortable
  4. Our Classroom Contract/Promises -- we want students to practice voicing their emotions, problem solving, and thinking/applying respectful choices to our classroom community. 
  5. Classroom room jobs -- students use their ownership of our classroom and respect in our community to run our classroom. 
  6. Clear and reasonable classroom/school expectations where everyone is held accountable with reasonable consequences.
  7. Calm Classroom and other mindfulness tools to evaluate our energy, calm our bodies, and focus on our breathing. 
  8. Mood Meter
  9. Classroom circles
  10. Proactive SEL instruction:  building up the skills of empathy and self regulation. We want our students to be able to identify how they’re feeling, the root of the problem/emotion, and what works best for them to regulate and return to their learning. We care about them as a whole child, not just their academic learning. 
  11.  Body breaks - resetting after our day changes and understanding our students are at a spot where more than 20 minutes of still focus is their limit. 
  12. Movement/games/music
  13. We have a desire to build in the Sensory Path with regularity in our schedule.
  14. Parent participation and communication -- parents are just as important to our classroom community as students. 
  15. Problem solve as a team with students using class meetings and creating moments for students to collaborate together to solve problems and collaborate. 
  16. In the privacy of students and the importance of their feelings


  1. Take a break: area set up in the classroom to take a quiet break.  Stop. Think. Return.
  2. Buddy room:  Bashore/Crowe 
  3. Some type of schedule for the sensory path 
  4. Daily scheduled calm classroom/yoga/mind yeti