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Acero - Esmeralda Santiago


2017-2018 School Year
1st/2nd Grade Math, Science, Social Studies- Ms. Anders 0 Classes
1st/2nd Grade Reading and Writing- Ms. Fugazzi 0 Classes
3rd/4th Math- Ms. Plante 0 Classes
3rd/4th Reading-Ms. Ricciardi 0 Classes
5th/6th Grade Math and Science-Mr. Stanton 0 Classes
5th/6th Grade Reading, Writing & History- Mrs. Kerr 0 Classes
7th/8th Grade Math & History- Ms. O'Connor 0 Classes
7th/8th Grade Reading, Writing and Science- Ms. Kruger 0 Classes
Bilingual Education Page 0 Classes
Kindergarten- Mrs. Thomas 0 Classes
Music/Drama- Ms. Schmidt 0 Classes
PE Classes- Mr. Ruiz 0 Classes
Resource Team 0 Classes
Spartans Select 0 Classes